The Rostov crew successfully started at the first stage of the professional fishing league

The Rostov crew successfully started at the first stage of the professional fishing league

The DON-TEAM team from the Rostov region took the prestigious eighth place in the championship of the best fishermen Pro Anglers League 2019 (PAL) on the boat of the Don producer Alum.

The most prestigious professional fishing competitions were held at the Saratov Reservoir, near the city of Syzran (Samara Region), from July 5 to 11. The crew from the Rostov region, consisting of Stepan Solovyov and Andrey Borisov, received the right to play in the professional league by winning the qualifying tournament in the Astrakhan region. 30 crews participated in the fishing championship of Russia. In each - two people.

Andrey and Stepan are experienced fishermen. They are fond of fishing for more than 30 years, and spinning - more than ten. The tournament of such a high level was the first for them.

To participate in such competitions, not only professional knowledge and skills are important, but also the boat on which you perform. The Rostov-based aluminum boat manufacturer, Aluma, provided the boat to the Don crew.


Competitors began to gather in place two weeks before the start of the championship. Exhausting hours of training and the search for the best places for fishing began immediately.

- We arrived at the place and were struck by the vast water area,- Andrei Borisov continues the story of his colleague. - In places, its width reached 11 kilometers. These territories were flooded by a giant reservoir about 50 years ago. Forests, uneven terrain and even small rivers and lakes remained under the multimeter water column. Stepan and I have never been to such places before. Fortunately, we had 11 training days. All this time we were continuously on the water. They searched for the best, most fishy places, marked them on the map.

The conditions were extreme. Even a small wind lifted a meter wave in light fresh water. The boat Aluma fish was operated in the most difficult conditions. She had to spend hours walking over a large water area with meter waves.

- The seaworthiness of our boat has been tested from and to. It was operated at full load, at the maximum of its capabilities for almost two weeks. The vessel of the Don producer “Alum” showed itself exclusively on the positive side, withstanding having withstood both waves and many-hour transitions, - the fishermen shared their impressions.

The diverse habitat and depth of the Saratov reservoir shocked Andrei and Stepan most of all. Fishing at a depth of 15 and more meters turned out to be something special for Don fishermen.


Fishing took place both on the channel part and in the flooded lakes without a current, so Andrey and Stepan determined for themselves a spinning test in the range from 7 to 70 grams and a bait with loads from 10 to 64 grams.

The speed of the boat was one of the important factors in the competition.

- We went to our places of departure and got to the morning fish exit. Andrei caught a pike weighing more than six kilograms. She entered the five of the largest fish of the tournament! Our tactics paid off. After two days of work in this zone, we did not have the best results, but this did not prevent us from becoming eighth in the first league, - said Stepan.

The Don crew caught more than 16 kilograms of fish. For this, Andrei and Stepan had to "plow" on the Aluma fish a water area comparable in size to the Aksai region.

All fish were released after measurements and weighing.

The second stage of the Pro Anglers League 2019 will take place in early September in Bashkortostan, on the Pavlovsky reservoir. The crew from the Rostov Region plans to take part in it on the already tested and reliable Aluma boat. Most likely, it will be the Aluma fish 5.1 X boat. Athletes are already actively preparing for the competition: they are working on tactics and thinking where they will train.
Source: DonDay

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