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Do you choose speed and seaworthiness? In this case, Aluma Storm 517 is what will attract your attention! Motor up to 150 hp, speed up to 90 km / h, wide rear sofa, which transforms into a fish platform — no compromises! Comfortable vacation or fishing in one hull! This is Aluma Storm 517!
Overall length 5044
Case Length 5537
Width 2207
Cheekbone Width 1784
Midship-side 910
Overall height 1493
Side keel on transom 14 °
Side keel amidship 26 °
Transom 510
Draft 300
Bottom metal thickness 3 mm.
The thickness of the metal power set 4 mm.
Board metal thickness 3 mm.
Side zigzag, bent (3bends)
Case weight 600 kg.

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