Aluma Dream 6500
From 33 525 €
The Aluma Dream 6500 is a premium boat for relaxing on the water and traveling.
Case manufacturing type all-welded
Case type open
The length of the hull is the greatest 6.04 m.
Overall length of the vessel 6.41 m.
The width of the hull is the largest 2.4 m.
Overall breadth of the vessel 2.4 m.
Sideboard midship 1.25 m.
Kilovost of the hull on the transom 19 degrees
The mass of the equipped case 800 kg.
Payload 600 kg.
Allowed number of people on board 6 people
Transom height 0.63 m.
Max allowable engine power 200 hp
Fuel tank capacity 200 l.
Case material AMG-5M
The thickness of the skin of the bottom and sides 4.0-4.0 mm.
Volume of buoyancy blocks 1.5 cubic meters
Engine Yamaha F200FETH
Lowrance HDS-7 Carbon with multifunction display
Audio system marine audio server with Lowrance 6.5 Marine Speakers (4 pcs), subwoofer
All-welded aluminum body (AMG5M)
The foamy blocks of unsinkability with rigid-porous Basf polyurethane (Germany)
Hull painting with Hempel ship paint (Denmark)
Coloring of the bottom with antifouling Hempel paint (Denmark)
Rail fence
Tempered glass in an aluminum frame
Control consoles with leather inserts
Leather trim
Leather seats (driver and passenger seat)
Leather sofas
Dry lockers in the cockpit and on the bow deck
Deck Coverage ISITEEK
AISI 316 stainless steel hardware
Fuel system 200 liter built-in fuel tank
Hydraulic steering system
LED backlight feed
LED cockpit lighting
Navigation lights (navigation, parking)
Electric pump for pumping water

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Aluma Dream 6500

The Aluma Dream 6500 is a premium boat for relaxing on the water and traveling.
Name : Aluma Dream 6500
Модель: Aluma Dream