Man has always sought to live near the water.

You noticed how often we identify ourselves not just by place of residence, but by the name of the river, sea, lake, near which we live. «We are from the Don», «we are from the Volga», «we are from Baikal» ... The great waterways are the source of life, they are living monuments of nature, which we are rightly proud of.

How many different vessels are in ports and at piers in European cities? Thousands! Tens of thousands! Very different. From small motor boats and boats to beautiful yachts. Why is it wrong with us? Because in Russia before this they did not produce boats that can meet the best world standards, satisfy demanding tastes and be affordable.

And then we created «Aluma»!

«Aluma» is a whole line of ships. From small ones for fishing and boat trips, to real large boats with a cabin, a cabin where you can live and relax, comfortably accommodate a large company. Regardless of the class, they all have one thing in common — high technology, modern materials, exquisite design, impeccable quality.


All our vessels are made from special high-strength, marine aluminum. They are designed by the best engineers in the field of hydrodynamics using a special «not flooded» technology. Already the first samples showed that the boats of Alum far surpass in their characteristics any similar domestic vessels and are in no way inferior to the best world manufacturers. Our products have undeniable advantages. Prices for boats «Aluma» are much lower than imported analogues.

We are always near you. We quickly respond to any wishes and suggestions and are focused specifically on the consumer.

Certificate of compliance «Оn the safety of small vessels»

Certificate of quality system compliance module Aluma Fish 4.7 L, Aluma Fish 4.7 X, Aluma Fish 4.7 XL

Certificate of conformity Aluma Fish 4,7 L

Certificate of conformity Aluma Fish 4,7 X

Certificate of conformity Aluma Fish 4.7 XL